How to lose weight naturally & psychologically?

How to lose weight naturally & psychologically?

Thank you for watching this “How to lose weight?” video. If you would like to lose weight, click this link to find out more: —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Video content: Obesity is a disease sometimes genetic but mostly a lifestyle disease. Today the number of people suffering from this has drastically increased. This is because of the advance in various technologies. So is technology bad? No, but one must know to utilize it wisely. Technology has gone so far so that one does not even have to take the effort to get up and make themselves a cup of coffee or even walk a few feet from home. To add to this, there are large fast food companies that are making huge profits at the cost of one’s health. So you boycott fast food? Not exactly, but cut down or even stop completely if possible.

Overcoming obesity is more mentally challenging than physically there are various issues that need to be handled. Today let us see how we can take one step forward with our mind alone. This is the more difficult part as compared to all the physical things we must follow. Following are the things that would let you come out victoriously from the chains of obesity.

• Identify: Some people eat too much due to some past hurtful experience or something that has triggered this. So, here it is important to identify the cause for your habit and then move forward.

• Set a goal: Rephrase that to set a “realistic” goal – just because you’re all geared up doesn’t mean you set something that is practically impossible to achieve. Know how much you can push yourself and set the goals accordingly. Gradually you can increase the intensity of your struggle. For instance, set it to maybe losing 2 – 3 kgs in a month.

• Determination: Determination is THE most important factor for weight loss. Not only initially but you must consistently strive to maintain it. You must know what you want and be determined to achieve it.

• Motivation: Motivation is the key to success. There are times when we go down and need someone or something to motivate us. Keep your goal in mind always. For instance, for girls there is this really pretty dress you would love to wear. Hang it up somewhere really visible so that you can look at it each day and will be reminded of your goal.

• Overcome your emotions: Obesity can cause things emotions like depression, low self-esteem etc. So the most important thing is to get past all of this. Society could be biased to the obese but one still needs to overcome it and be better.

Your emotions play a key role in everything you do. Overcoming obesity is more of a psychological procedure than a physical one.



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