Ketogenic – Lose weight No exercise || Forced Subliminal

Ketogenic – Lose weight No exercise || Forced Subliminal

Layered up more than 50x with booster for faster results. All my Subliminals are safe. I only put positive affirmations and uplifting words. I do not use any negative and harmful words or any words that can be misinterpreted as low vibration.

I have been using subliminal for changing my life. I have attracted my peace of mind, dream job, my desired life, my twin flame, success in life, positivity, goal weight, more positive attitudes etc. with the help of subliminal.

I have decided to make a channel dedicated to Subliminals only. I am hoping to help more especially those who are in need of a change in their life. For people who need to make their life more better. For people who needs to enhance their way of living.

Focus on what you really desire. Practice the law of attraction. Be thankful for all the blessings you get every day even if it is small. Be kind to others and do good to others. Help others who are in need. These are some secret keys to make your life better especially in attracting only positive things. Do not fill your mind with anything negative. What you focus on, you attract so always focus only on positive things.

Believe in your dreams. Visualize your desired results, act, imagine and feel as if you have it already as if you are living and getting your desired results already.

Affirmations include:
– You are fit.
– You are sexy.
– You are healthy.
– You are strong.
– You love keto diet.
– You are happy everyday.
– Your mind is healthy.
– You are in good shape.
– Look young.
– Always eat healthy foods.
– Always drink healthy.
– Live in a healthy lifestyle.
– Enjoy fitness
– Ketogenic.
– Healing both body and mind.
– Health is improving more and more every day.
– Everything you eat heals and nourishes your body.
– Get sexier everyday.
– Every cell in your body is healthy and fit.
– Love healthy food.
– Love and care for my body.
– Deserve to have a slim, healthy, attractive body.
– You are beautiful.
– Getting slimmer every day.
– Becoming fitter and stronger everyday.
– Developing more healthy eating habits all the time.
– Look and feel great.
– Do what it takes to be healthy.
– You are responsible for your health.
– Have a flat stomach.
– Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
– Love and appreciate your body.
– Metabolism is excellent.
– Maintain body with optimal health.
– Your body becomes more attractive each day.
– Your body is getting stronger and healthier every day.
– You deserve to look and feel at best.
– You choose to be slim, happy and more energetic.
– Developing healthy eating habits.
– You are a good person.
– You are a lovable person.
– You are being physically fit.
– You are eating low carb foods.
– You are eating low calorie foods.
– You are fit, healthy and fabulous.
– Beauty radiates from within you.
– You are eating high fiber food always.
– You are drinking low carb always.
– You are losing weight now.
– You accept that eating high fat food.
– You eat moderate protein food.
– Successful in keto diet.
– Achieving your goal weight.
– Easily replace foods containing refined sugar with natural foods.
– Accept healthy eating as a way of life.
– The Universe provides more than enough food for you.
– Fresh vegetables feel and taste good in you mouth.
– You get all the vitamins and nutrients you need.
– You eat well so that you can live well.
– You eat healthy and fit foods.
– You have a healthy relationship with food.
– Everyday you make good eating choices.
– You are disciplined.
– You are in control of your choices and actions.
– Have the power to change your life with each decision you make everyday.
– Have a beautiful tone body.
– You are slim and lean.
– Your tummy is flat and toned.
– Every day your body is getting thinner.
– You are a beautiful person.
– Know my value.
– You are fit and attractive.
– When you look in the mirror you see progress.
– People see your progress.
– You are determined to reach your goal weight.
– You are committed to creating a healthy lifestyle.
– You deserve a slim and healthy body.
And many more. Plus booster.

Stay hydrated.
Listen at low to mid volume 3-6x or more per day.
Results depend on each person.
Use headphones.
No frequency included.
Stay positive.
And please, Love yourself even more.

I do not own the music and images. All credits go to rightful owners.

I am open for suggestions and request for free as long I feel it will help you become a better person.

Thank you and good luck. May you be guided in all aspect of your life. Namaste.


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