Does eating fruit help you lose weight fast?

Does eating fruit help you lose weight fast?

Is having a fruit plate for breakfast healthier than an egg avocado omelet?
Is choosing a cup of berries for dessert better than a double decker ooey gooey chocolate cake?

Well the answer may surprise you…

Hate to break it to you but choosing fruit isn’t going to eliminate your muffin top.

I’m not telling you to swear off fruit forever — but you should know some fruits are more weight loss friendly then others. First, know the ‘holy grail’ of weight loss is keeping a stable blood sugar. Bananas, Mangos, Pineapple are just a few fruits that will spike and dip. Having these sweet fruits first thing in the morning will actually increase your sugar cravings in the afternoon. Even if you had fruit for breakfast you’ll be foraging for peanut m&m’s by 3pm.

And secondly, having fruit after a meal will cause bloating. You want to think of your digestion like a highway – fruit is the speedy fast car stuck behind protein and carbs like the mac trucks and mini vans in this gastrointestinal traffic jam. And what happens when a car gets behind a mini van it can’t pass? It goes toot toot!

So stick to lower glycemic fruits like green apples and berries if you want to kiss your muffin top goodbye. They’ll keep your blood sugar stable and metabolism churnin’ and burnin’. Those skinny jeans will button with ease before you know it.


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